The continued evolution of telecom and IT technology touches every aspect of our lives. It influences the way we do business, the way we keep in touch with those we love, and the way we build our collective human experiences. In a field as dynamic as and exciting as VoIP, developments and innovations come thick and fast. At VoipVille, we want to make sure your business benefits from one of the fastest-growing segments of telecommunications.


We are a small but mighty team of dedicated people always on the look for trustworthy collaborators. Raffaele Maddaluno is the man with the vision behind VoipVille. A telecommunications executive with a proven track record in building and leading teams with a solid reputation for developing successful global partnerships.

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VoipVille aggregates services from some of the largest telecom providers to offer you the lowest rates at the highest quality possible. We are a fast growing Spanish VoIP provider with a solution for every stage of your business, no matter if you are an entrepreneur, end user or established carrier.

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We route millions of international voice minutes through our own switching equipment. VoipVille is a fast growing Spanish company offering cost-effective VoIP services tailored for a variety of both emerging and established business models. Whether you are a Wholesale VoIP Provider, Retail VoIP Provider, Calling Card Provider, Call Shop/Center or End User, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Thanks largely to the advancement of 3G and LTE wireless technology, the VoIP market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 28% between 2016 and 2020. Do business on the go and stay on budget with VoipVille.

Wholesale VoIP

VoipVille provides wholesale VoIP, SIP Termination and A-Z VoIP termination services for business, call centers, and call shops. As a wholesale VoIP provider, we are interconnected with the industry’s top Tier 1 carriers. This gives us the possibility to deliver affordable solutions at optimal quality.

Calling Cards

If you have segmented your customers into various groups and need to meet their specific calling card needs, VoipVille is the right partner! Our cards provide final customers with the best rates available and can be customized to suit any requirement.

Residential VoIP

Residential VoIP offerings are for end users who want to make low-cost calls via their broadband connection.

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Business VoIP

Goodbye expensive phone bills, hello SIP Trunking! If your goal is to optimize your voice infrastructure and better manage costs, VoipVille’s business packages can be tailored to meet your specific communication needs. With SIP Trunking you simplify all your telecommunications into a single robust network.


Voice broadcasting is a service which allows you to instantly send phone calls with some prerecorded message to an array of numbers automatically. Usually it is used to send alerts, notifications, reminders, political campaign calls, interactive polls or surveys.


This system enables service providers to offer cost-effective international calling services in regions where VoIP is difficult to deploy.